Bon Goût: Mike Mancini

Mike (30 and proud!), born and raised in Jamaica, Queens NY, is a naturally happy guy who dances a lot.

Mike Mancini

1. How important is style/appearance to you?
Well I’m a salesman and marketer so my appearance is extremely important. I like to make good first impressions and be up to date whether I’m in sneakers or dress shoes. I like to turn heads and break hearts;)

2. How would you describe your style?
My style is Quantum of Solace meets The Glow in the Dark tour meets The Rat Pack. I like to always dress like I’m going some where and or getting ready to jump on stage. I’m the type of person who will get dressed up on a rainy day, because everybody usually looks like shit.

3. What’s your favourite item?
I have two favorite items actually. I have a pleather H&M coat that fits me just right and my grandfathers (R.I.P.) cheap Rolley Optic sunglasses…they look expensive and are crazy vintage. I had these college kids run-up on me one time asking can they buy them off my face.

4. What’s your favourite cosmetic product?
Soap on a rope and Nivea lotion…it will keep you from being all Ashy Larry-ish in the winter.

5. How would you describe your ideal woman?
She must be a nerd, fun, laugh at my bad jokes, flat stomach, nice ass-sets,intelligent, good breath, secure and not be a hater. I can’t stand woman who gossip and cry all the time. I come from a family of strong woman and they can’t be chumps. If my grandmother don’t like you then your not the one for me

6. Who is a style icon to you? And why?
I have two actually. I love (pause) Robert Redfords old school style because he really embodied the American Alpha-male swagger. I’m sure he’s still banging out young chicks at some film festival after-party in Canne’s.

My second choice would have to be Oleg Cassini, who was a fashion icon and noted as Jackie-O’s stylist. Oleg designed the look for the Navy and was also a playboy amongst the ladies back in the day. I actually had the chance to interview and meet him in his castle in Gramercy park. I swear the dude was like 90 with a mock neck and some white leather shoes just straight pimping it out. R.I.P. oleg!

7. What makes you so hot?
Whats my word limit? LOL

I think its truly all about your personality and making people laugh. The ladies Love a man who can make them laugh all the time. I would also say my height is quite an advantage. (6’2, ed. note)


photo by J. Guevera

Mike “Mancini” McConnell, based in Astoria, Queens NY, is the owner of Team Mancini Lifestyle and and co-founder of GAKCITY.COM.

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