Bon Goût: Aban Sonia

Aban Sonia (21) is NothingOriginal. Her interests range from photography to snakes, the circus, really really high shoes, stripclubs and magic carpets.

Aban Sonia

1. How did you get into the fashion, graphic design world?
I’ve been doing graphics and geek-y computer related designs since I was about 11. No school, no formal training. I mean, I could always learn more… I can never know enough. The possibilities became endless. Now I offer custom graphics, logos, and web design and layouts. I have a close friend, almost like my little sister that I work with in my design projects.

As far as being a stylist and visual art director…. I’ve been styling since I was 19. I was blessed to have an amazing network of creative friends that collaborate well together. Through friends, I’ve met new friends and worked together on new projects, and so on and so on. Its all about working hard and being able to lend a helping hand to whomever, whenever.  I’ve done a LOT of free work.. and I still do, if the project is new and exciting and will challenge me. But I think people remember that.. and it’s good for you. What you learn on-set on the job.. is crucial.. so I soaked up as much experience as I could get.

2. What’s the main thing you’re working on right now?
I do costume design and wardrobe/ fashion styling for film, commercials, runway shows, editorials, and commercial print.. I’m starting my wardrobe and prop rental studio fairly soon.. so the film and fashion world in Miami has another alternative in costume and wardrobe rental services. I am focusing on building my client list and evolving artistically.. to network with sharks and still feel free enough to be expressive.. It’s scary but I love the challenge.

I’m also launching a treasured collection of one-of-a-kind vintage finds and nick nacks that I’ve come across in my many road trips and crazy travels. Everything from clothing for men and women, to accessories, shoes, and even tid bits for the home. The Nothing Original Collection. I’m digging deep to find the gems beneath the gems and restore them, and deliver them to you in pretty packaging.
The website should be ready to go by the summer – the latest. and the launch event is during Art Basel in Miami.

Aban Sonia

3. How important is style/appearance to you?
Not too important.. it has to be a feeling more than a need to look a certain way. If you see a picture in your head and that’s what you feel like.. then put things on and take them off…trial and error until you feel like that image you see. That’s what I do every morning.. probably why I might be late if I am!

4. How would you describe your style?

“Tomboy-Chic.” I grew up with 2 little brothers.. so I’ve grown to appreciate when I can be comfortable but I always try to keep  my feminine edge. and I wear a lot of little ethnic accessories and trinklets.. I still have an uncle who lives in Pakistan and he sends me really great jewelry and fabrics.

5. What’s your favourite item?

My vintage Oscar De La Renta cropped tux jacket…. and my huge sterling silver ethnic finger ring.

6. What’s your favourite cosmetic product?
I have only like 5 things I usually wear.. my Chanel basic cover up, my Ruby Woo red lipstick by MAC, bad gal eye liner, and if no red lips, then chapstick.

7. How would you describe your favourite partner?

Easy breezy. I’m very intense.. so I need a laid back guy that will bring me back down when I get all worked up.

8. Does he/she have to be stylish?
No.. I’d actually prefer him to just be. Whatever he’s comfortable in.. and however he feels good is how I’d want him.

9. How much time do you spend in the morning to get ready?
30 minutes maybe 45 max. If you throw in a shower then maybe an hour and 15 minutes for the hair..haha.

10. Who is a style inspiration to you?

I’d be lying if I started naming people…only because its little pieces of everyone. I always see something that I like. Even if it’s absolutely horrible.. it’s ok with me. I find inspiration wherever possible. The range of people would be from Dita Von Teese to Dolly Parton..

Aban Sonia

Aban Sonia is a fashion stylist, a visual art director and a graphic designer. Born in Karachi, Pakistan she moved to London, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia and now resides in Miami. Her collection of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, The Nothing Original Collection wil launch late 2009.

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