Bon Goût: Upendo Taylor

Upendo Taylor aka Tha Black Krayon is an artist extraordinaire. Always on point with his fits and as laid back as a LA-bred artist can get.

pen by tone

1. How important is style/appearance to you?
For me its not all that important, because I got style with out trying. But cleanliness is key, if ya hygiene is good. Ya teeth and breath is fresh and clean, that’s all that matters.

2. How would you describe your style?
My style is a of west coast swap meet ghetto life , mixed with New York contemporary street.

3. What’s your favourite item?
My studio art bag.

4. What’s your favourite cosmetic product?
I don’t use no damm cosmetics, dats some chick shit.

5. How would you describe your ideal partner ?
She has to be firm, patient, loving and open. With a nice body and smells good, im pretty shallow when it comes to girls.

6. Does she have to be stylish?
Yea I think anybody that wants to keep up with me should have a smidgen of style. Nothing over the top.

7. Who is a style inspiration to you? And why?
I don’t really look to anybody for style inspiration. Style is something that comes from within. Ill try wut ever works for me.

8. Besides your own clothes what other brands do you like?
RL Rugby, Nike, Adidas … I don’t know its really LJ All Day!

pen by tone

Upendo Taylor is one half of Leroy Jenkins Ltd, the fashion brand that ignores the hype, often copied, but never duplicated. (The floral patterned hoodies and fitted caps? Now you know where they originate from) He’s also art director for Grammy nominated artist Raphael Saadiq. He eats krayons for breakfast, lunch, dinner and often dreams of them too. Upendo lives in Brookyn, NY.

Bon Goût introduces today’s tastemakers.

Photos by Tone

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  1. Props on this O. I must say I really enjoy reading you’re blog. I’m a fan.

    so you think you can hook me up with one of those hoodies or what?

  2. indeed
    this blog is fun

    lol @”4. What’s your favourite cosmetic product?
    I don’t use no damm cosmetics, dats some chick shit.

  3. funny coming from someone who doesn’t floss his teeth

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