Bon Goût: Jennifer

Jennifer, tomboyish sexy, effortlessly cool and she knows how to put simplicity and class into practice with very low maintenance.


1. How important is style/appearance to you?
Important. but not in the sense of looking or wearing what I “should” be wearing, but in the interest of looking and feeling like the best version of myself, and comfortable. I think clothes can be a really fun way to reflect who you are. I don’t think clothes should craft who you are.

2. How would you describe your style?
Urban simplicity? Haha. Not sure how to label it really.. I wear a lot of solid colors, with clean, simple lines and detailing; but I like to add a funky element in when I can.. a lush scarf, snazzy boots, whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

3. What’s your favourite item?
I go through phases. right now my over-the-knee flat leather boots. I love them..I bought them on a whim in Miami a few years back, when I didn’t think I’d ever even get the weather to wear them. I hung on to them for a couple years, and poof I’m in NYC, and they’ve lent me through fall and into winter already.


4. What’s your favourite cosmetic product?
Rosebud lip salve. I don’t wear much else.. Usually just lip balm and I’ll coat on the mascara if I’m heading out. I like “bad gal mascara” at the moment.

5. How would you describe your ideal man?
Quick witted with a boyish smile. Loyal. A good ear for good music. Easygoing is a trait I’ve come to appreciate recently.

6. Who is a style inspiration to you? And why?
I think Ashley Olsen has a really smart chic style. Without trying hard. And Isabelle McNally and Erin Wasson, who are a bit scattered and more laid back; which is more my speed. But moreso than the celebs, I love a lot of the personal fashion bloggers too; I admire their imagination, and what they can do on a budget.


Jennifer is a web producer for a daily newspaper based in Manhattan, NYC. Having lived in Florida, Miami and Atlanta, she now spreads love the Brooklyn way.

Bon Goût introduces today’s tastemakers.

Photos by Sarah Hajjar

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  1. Njoyed.
    And double yes on Ashley Olsen. Surprised me how ill her style is… not everyone with a budget knows how to spend it.

    O, I hope you do more of these profiles.

  2. i heart u both!

    ive admired jen’s style over the yrs….she’s always been original and very true to self with her fashions.

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